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Business Communication

Considering the overwhelmingly popularity of mobile phones in Nigeria and abroad, businesses can no longer ignore the importance of sending text messages in business advertising, sales promotion, product launching and customer services. Text messaging has become the most cutting-edge marketing technique being used today.

Use our system to creatively revolutionize the way your business communicates with prospective and current customers. Equally, it makes business sense to use our text messaging platform to notify, interact and effectively communicate with your suppliers and employees.

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While we sincerely thank  you for visiting our website, we urge you to contact us if you have any challenge or questions about our services.

Social Communication

Our bulk text messaging platform is excellent in sending out wedding invitation, meeting notification, special season's greetings, church programme and event invitation. Students have found our SMS gateway useful in communicating quick reminders and important information. Our bulk SMS interface is extremely simple yet effective.

We put all our efforts into the applications which allow individuals and organizations to manage and control the use and effective distribution of text messages themselves. We have a lot of features for you to enjoy which includes mobile extractor, text merge, phone contacts directory and many others.

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Why choose us?

The top reasons to choose us for your bulk SMS needs

Why choose us?

The top reasons to choose us for your bulk SMS needs